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Fri Jun 21 19:16:53 EDT 2002

<< the Treasure Seekers and the other Bastable books are really funny, while 
there is a much more serious pair of time-travel stories (names of which 
escape me). >>

Ah, yes. The House of Arden and Harding's Luck. House of Arden is actually 
one of her weaker stories. Se seems frankly bored by her viewpoint 
characters, and I'll agree that Edred is a dull little stick. But lame Dickie 
Harding from Deptford is one of her deepest and most fully developed 
characters. Certainly one of her most seriously intended ones. Harding's Luck 
is seriously weakened by being tied so solidly to House of Arden. If you can 
find these, Dickie (while a bit of a Gary Stu) is one of her most memorable 
characters and Harding's Luck her greatest departure from her typical pattern 
of telling her styories of the adventures of middle-class children.
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