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Fri Jun 21 14:08:11 EDT 2002

Michelle said...

> And me.  Has anyone else read The Enchanted Castle?  That was the one book
> of her books that I found a bit clunky, though it improved on
> rereading.

I reread that one just recently, for the first time in yonks!  I didn't
terribly love it as a child, and...well, I liked it better this time, but I
still wouldn't class it as a favourite.  (And the final wish annoyed me as
being impractical and causing unnecessary hardship.)  "Harding's Luck" and
"The Magic City" vie for that palm!

> I
> love the Treasure Seekers books too, the way she sends up Oswald
> who thinks
> he is being so clever by not revealing his identity and then always saying
> things like 'Oswald is very manly and intelligent for his age'.  They're
> hilarious.

Yes, they're very funny.  I prefer "The Story of the Treasure Seekers" to
"The Wouldbegoods" though.

Another way in which I think EN is like DWJ is that not only are her books
mostly rather different, but no matter what mood you're in, you can usually
find a book by her to fit it!  At least I can. :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...


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