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Fri Jun 21 13:57:35 EDT 2002

Kathryn said...

> Well, if you're going to be mentioning SF, then I *will* mention the
> SFish ones I was thinking of:
> - Monica Hughes (especially the "Isis" trilogy)

Oh, how could I have forgotten that one?!  I used to get those books out of
the library every couple of months!

And you've reminded me of another one - H. M. Hoover.  "Children of Morrow"
was another one I read the library copy of to bits!

> > Ruth Park - "Playing Beattie Bow" is another time-travel one,
> set in Sydney,
> > Australia.
> Oh, there was one I read as a teen, and I can't remember the author, but
> it was a similarly time-travel one: "Charlotte Sometimes"

That's Penelope Farmer.  I prefer "A Castle of Bone", myself, though CS is
> > Patricia Lynch - a bit "Oirish" in places, but excellent fantasy anyway.
> "Oirish"?  Huh?

Short for "stage-Oirish" - meaning an overly romantic, idealised view of
this country, probably involving leprechauns and characters who say things
like "Sure, the top of the marnin' to ye, sir, begob and begorrah, isn't it
a grand oul' day all the same" etc.  Think of any Irish character in any
book written before about 1950 (and an unfortunate number after that date,
too!) and you'll get the idea.

Until the sky falls on our heads...


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