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Fri Jun 21 12:04:10 EDT 2002

On 21/6/02 4:47 pm, "Sally Odgers" <sodgers at> wrote:

>> And me.  Has anyone else read The Enchanted Castle?
> I have read most of her books I think.  The exceptions are the Bastable
> ones.  For some reason, I never got on with those.  Not too fond of the
> Railway Children either; I think I found it difficult to forgive her for
> writing books that weren't fantasies.
> From what I remember, my mother gave me "Five Children" when I was 9 or so.
> I'm pretty sure I got The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the same time.
> I was hooked on fantasies, but for real-life type books I much preferred
> books set on farms at that time.
My sister read me The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe when I was three, and
we just went on from there.  I think I like the Railway Children more
because of the film, it always makes me cry when Bobbie's dad gets off the
train... Blub!  I was forbidden to read Enid Blyton, and as a result craved
her books until eventually I was allowed one.


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