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> > I have three paperbacks of this series:
> >
> > _Five Children and It_
> > _The Phoenix and the Carpet_
> > _The Story of the Amulet_
> >
> > And you're right, the third one tells how the children get the amulet
> > visit ancient civilisations. This was a series I loved as a teenager. I
> > found the third book to be much more 'mature' than the others, very
> > atmospheric and with an emotional climax.

Michelle replied:

> I loved these books, as well as the Railway Children.  I think, especially
> in the 'Amulet' E. Nesbit was making more of a politic point than she was
> the earlier books - she was a Fabian and a radical who lived a very
> interesting and odd life (worth reading Julia Briggs biography) -  and the
> Amulet is very critical of the grimness of Edwardian London, especially in
> her vision of the future.

>From what I remember about the book (I haven't read it for many years), you
are completely correct. There's also a scene in _Amulet_ that is quite
startling: she has a man find his perfect other half in another man and
become magically one with him, in a scene that I found deeply moving, and
which may well have been a bit "iffy" back in those days, even though there
was nothing *overtly* homosexual about it. It fits in with what you say
about her interesting and radical (for her time) views.


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