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Fri Jun 21 07:45:59 EDT 2002

Hallie wrote:

 There's another book with the
> Psammead in, I think, where the children get a time-traveling amulet and
> visit Ancient Babylon, Atlantis and the future, but I don't think it had
> been televised

I have three paperbacks of this series:

_Five Children and It_
_The Phoenix and the Carpet_
_The Story of the Amulet_

And you're right, the third one tells how the children get the amulet and
visit ancient civilisations. This was a series I loved as a teenager. I
found the third book to be much more 'mature' than the others, very
atmospheric and with an emotional climax.

I forgot who originally wrote this:

> > The Neverending Story?  If it's what I'm thinking of, it had a
> > quite a good
> > concept, but the sequels were a bit of a let down.  (Heh.  You'll know
> > memory is awful if there *were* no sequels...)

_The Neverending Story_ the book, as apposed to the various movies, is
excellent, and covers material from at least the first two movies. I'd
highly recommend the book, though the first movie was wonderful, too, IMO.


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