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> > - E. Nesbit
> I seem to remember reading her a few years ago, and finding it very
> episodic.  Saying that, the TV adaptation of the one with that thing that
> lives in the sand and grants wishes was very good.

There have been at least three serials with the Psammead in IIRC. "Five
Children and It", "The Return of the Psammead" and "The Phoenix and the
Carpet" (two versions, I think, since my paperback of it has pictures from a
tv serial with a rather crude phoenix puppet, and there was a new BBC Sunday
teatime version of it fairly recently). There's another book with the
Psammead in, I think, where the children get a time-traveling amulet and
visit Ancient Babylon, Atlantis and the future, but I don't think it had
been televised

> > - Michael Ende
> The Neverending Story?  If it's what I'm thinking of, it had a
> quite a good
> concept, but the sequels were a bit of a let down.  (Heh.  You'll know my
> memory is awful if there *were* no sequels...)

I almost bought this in Hay-on-Wye in the fantasy section in Richard Booth's
bookshop, but then found the "kiddies courtyard" with childrens books for
50p including several DWJ books among lots of others, and didn't.

> > - "Ella Enchanted" by Gail Carson Levine (I found this in a bookstore
> >   labelled "Harry Potter fans will love this" and was very pleasantly
> >   surprised to find that I actually did like it)
> I keep hearing this mentioned, and really must get around to ordering it
> from the library...

I saw it in Ottakars with a similar sticker. What's it like?

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