Boy books vs. girl books

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Fri Jun 21 06:06:13 EDT 2002

> > 4. Boys: If you know why you like to read F&SF, do you think
> > those elements of your personality, those interests, are
> > markedly different from those of other boys?  In other words,
> > do boys not like to read because of who they are, or because
> > of outside pressure: being seen as a sissy, perhaps.
> Well, I don't think peer pressure really plays much role in it.  If
> anything peer pressure will push boys away from reading at all rather
> than away from certain books.  You'd be seen as a sissy if 
> you preferred to read a book (any book) instead of playing basketball etc.

That's true, and the only "boys" I know well who read a lot, my brother and
my boyfriend, both always read pretty much everything. (And were thought of
as generally odd, redeemed slightly by liking sports as well.) But I do
think that there's a difference in acceptability between reading, say, a
Superman book or one called "Dung!" (which we just got for my cousin), all
about "gross stuff" in nature that could be related to friends, and reading
a Sweet Valley High book! 
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