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On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 07:03:13PM +0100, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
> John Christopher - SF rather than fantasy, but none the worse for that!  He
> does the post-apocalyptic thing well.
Well, if you're going to be mentioning SF, then I *will* mention the
SFish ones I was thinking of:
- Monica Hughes (especially the "Isis" trilogy)
- Robert O'Brien (especially "Z for Zachariah")
- Louise Lawrence
- Ken Catran (the "Deepwater" trilogy)
I don't think I can put John Marsden in this list because I haven't
actually read his SF (yet), just loved his "mundane" books.

> Arthur C. Clarke - "Islands in the Sky" is great kids' SF.

Oh, and we mustn't forget Robert Heinlein's "juvenile" books, especially
my favourite "Citizen of the Galaxy".

> Ruth Park - "Playing Beattie Bow" is another time-travel one, set in Sydney,
> Australia.
Oh, there was one I read as a teen, and I can't remember the author, but
it was a similarly time-travel one: "Charlotte Sometimes"

> Patricia Lynch - a bit "Oirish" in places, but excellent fantasy anyway.

"Oirish"?  Huh?

> Robin McKinley - the "Damar" books would suit teenagers, though I *don't*
> recommend "Deerskin" here (great book, but rather disturbing - not for
> kids).  "Beauty" (retelling of "Beauty and the Beast") is also good.
There's also a book of shorter retold fairy stories called "The Door in
the Hedge" which is good.

> Mary Norton - the "Borrowers" books are better than "Bedknob and
> Broomstick", I feel.

Hey, has anyone mentioned Andre Norton yet?  (Why on earth didn't I
mention her before?)
Her earlier stuff is much better than her later stuff, IMHO.

> Gillian Cross - "The Demon Headmaster" and sequels, also "The Dark Behind
> the Curtain" for slightly older kids - this one's a bit creepy.

That reminds me -- Gillian Rubenstein.  I haven't read a lot of hers
(really should get around to reading "Galax-Arena") but her stuff tends
to be quite thought-provoking...

Also, if you count novelizations of TV series, then look at Mark
Shirrefs & John Thomson, who both wrote the series and the novelizations
of "The Girl From Tomorrow" and "Spellbinder" (which are actually both

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