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> (leaping in without a parachute, nor indeed, a magic carpet...)
> Hmmm, people have already mentioned most of what I would have mentioned
> myself, but here are a few that I *think* haven't been mentioned
> (or are worth mentioning again)
> - E. Nesbit

I seem to remember reading her a few years ago, and finding it very
episodic.  Saying that, the TV adaptation of the one with that thing that
lives in the sand and grants wishes was very good.

> - Fay Sampson, the "Pangur Ban the White Cat" series
> - Madeline L'Engle (has anyone mentioned her?)

I read the first of the books about tesseracts, but the religious angle put
me off quite a lot.  Shame, because the ideas are really interesting.  And I
loved the Mrs W-s.

> - George MacDonald

Did he write something about the back of the north wind?  I think I've read
it, but don't remember much at all.

> - Jenny Nimmo (I'm specially fond of "Ultramarine" rather than the ones
>   she's more well-known for)

That's the only one of hers I've read, I think.  I liked the connections
with the sea, although I wasn't too keen on the characters.

> - Michael Ende

The Neverending Story?  If it's what I'm thinking of, it had a quite a good
concept, but the sequels were a bit of a let down.  (Heh.  You'll know my
memory is awful if there *were* no sequels...)

> - "Ella Enchanted" by Gail Carson Levine (I found this in a bookstore
>   labelled "Harry Potter fans will love this" and was very pleasantly
>   surprised to find that I actually did like it)

I keep hearing this mentioned, and really must get around to ordering it
from the library...

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