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 Melissa wrote:
> Alternatively, if you want to start a new list, I'd like that 
> too.  I intend to type the whole thing up and format it so that I can
> pass it out to people as needed or give out recommendations on the fly.

Damn, Waterstones had a "hotter than Potter" table a while ago and I meant
to note what was on it, but never got round to it. I know "The Little White
Horse" was.
Apart from the ones already mentioned, Eva Ibbotson (of Which Witch? and The
Secret of Platform 13), Joan Aiken's Wolves of Willoughby Chase series,
Terry Pratchett (especially Good Omens and the earlier ones in the Discworld
series, like Mort), Patrica Wrede, (Caroline Stevermer, if hers are in
print) Megan Lindholm, Annie Dalton. (Has anyone else read her "Out of the
Ordinary" and Mahy's Changeover close together? The plots are broadly
similar- girl takes up witch powers to save little brother, helped by older
male witch- but the stories are very different. Both very nice.) Edward
Eager or The Phantom Tolbooth, for the younger end. And I'd say Mercedes
Lackey- I know she's not a great writer, but as a teenager I really liked
that "ordinary kid is Talented and gets Companion who will always love them"
thing. The Arrows of The Queen or Magic's Pawn series. Anne McCaffrey, for
similar reasons. Even Piers Anthony (The first two or three Xanth books)-
I'm snooty about them now but 15 years ago I asked for them for my birthday.
(OK, now I feel old.)

I think early teens is a good time to read some of the more
melodramatic/less character driven sf, too.

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