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Wed Jun 19 21:08:39 EDT 2002

> --and picked out a few more.  They were very grateful and told me, 
> as I was
> afraid they would, that the reference desk librarian hadn't known to
> recommend anything other than the Narnia books.  Not that those 
> are bad
> books, but they're certainly not the only ones in the world for 
> fantasyfans.  This was not news to me because I've seen it before 
> at our library;
> our librarians are very helpful, but they are not even a little 
> bit informed
> about science fiction and fantasy--for any age group.  

Now, I know what you are thinking, what you wouldn't give for a
librarian who knew about YA fantasy. I bumped into one the other day,
accidentally, by asking when they were going to get a book in the
catalogue that they had in a display. Anyway, the librarian started on
this rave, didn't I just love "Tammy" Pierce (I swear, she said this),
and wasn't Duane a great writer... The rave went on for about 10
minutes, meanwhile my 2 year old was wreaking havoc in the picture
books, and I just could not get away. It was a nightmare. She even knew
Garth Nix, but a comment about DWJ drew a complete blank, even though
they have a lot of those new DWJ reprints. The moral of the story is, be
careful what you wish for.

Generally I like our librarians, especially the children's one who keeps
finding ballet picture books for us.

Although I did have a little moment when one of them asked me if I were
a McCaffrey fan (I save her for when I have the flu).


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