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Wed Jun 19 17:05:34 EDT 2002

 Name: Elizabeth Jones

Occupation: At present, child care. I recently graduated college, so I'm in transition.

Age: 23

Married: No.

Children: None. Working with them as I do has put me off having kids for a long time.

I live in: West Virginia, in the USA.

How I discovered the list:  I read the end of F&H and went WHAT?!?! Re-read it again and went "Hmmmm...yes I get it...but I don't think I like it." I hopped online to see if anyone else was chatting about it and found you all. 

Favorite DWJ: Fire and Hemlock by miles. I can _not_ get this book out of my head.

First DWJ novel: Witch Week, borrowed from my public library

Favorite authors: Diane Duane, Charles de Lint, too many others to mention.

Reading right now: Re-reading The Changeover because someone on here mentioned it. Also, In the Country of the Young by Lisa Carey. (Beautiful, haunting book. Can't recommend it enough.)

Number of books owned: Around three hundred

Hobbies: Reading, writing, theatre, and music

Music: Anything expect hard-core rap or twangy country.


That's all. Hi!


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