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Tue Jun 18 22:47:37 EDT 2002

Name: Devra Michele Langsam

Age: 58

Occupation: Children's librarian, public library

Married: No

Children: No

First DWJ: Power of Three, picked up in foyle's children's shop because I 
liked the cover--1977?

Favorite: huh. Power of Three, Deep Secret, Dark

Other favorite authors:  Lois McMaster, Susan Dexter, Brenda Clough, Jane 
Louise Curry, Elizabeth Marie Pope, Susan Conant (dog mysteries), Tanya Huff, 
Lee Killough, Pat Hodgell, Marion Zimmer Bradley--her early books, Dina 
Dean--suprisingly good Regencies, mostly from schlock publishers, Eva 
Ibbotson, Sheila Bishop

Music--classical, old show tunes, some folk

Other hobbies - running a small mail-order/website/sfcon/SCA event 
bookselling business (in my Copious Spare Time) - historical cooking

Devra Langsam
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