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> The last time I was browsing through the
> children's section of our local bookshop, I saw that YotG has been
> reprinted in a smaller size than my copy, ie a 'normal' size. My copy is
> slightly too large for the average paperback shelf.

I got "The Crown of Dalemark" for Christmas, the smaller paperback rrp
£4.99. I then went in search of the other books, only to find that that
edition was now out of print but bigger, more expensive new editions were
available. Resigned to this, I bought "The Spellcoats" in this edition. Soon
after, "Cart and Cwidder" turned up in the local Red Cross Shop in an even
smaller Puffin Edition. Then, what should I find, but that another bookshop
had the cheaper, smaller edition, so I bought "Drowned Ammet", completing
the mismatched set! You ought to see my set of LoTR, too...

Caleb W.

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