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> >>I think Antonia Forest may be a totally forgotten
> childhood favourite of mine -- can anyone jog my
> memory with a few details please? <<

The Marlow family in Antonia Forest's books are -

Pam and Geoff, the parents (Geoff is in the Navy).

Giles - eldest child, also in the Navy.
Karen - Head Girl at school, later in the series a married woman.
Rowan - Sporty one, who leaves school to run the farm.
Ann - the guide, "good", religious and unappreciated by the others.
Ginty - The pretty, vain one.
Peter - at a naval school.
Nicola and Lawrie, twins of about 13 at the beginning of the series.

If you're interested in an in-depth on-line appraisal of the books (with
spoilers) go to the site at

This is a private site, an annex of my home page. My sister, Anne
Heazlewood, wrote a book called The Marlows and Their Maker, and gave me
permission to scan it for the Girls' Own listees. She agrees that DWJ
listees can also read it, if they're interested.


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