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>>I think Antonia Forest may be a totally forgotten
childhood favourite of mine -- can anyone jog my
memory with a few details please? <<

FINALLY my school's e-mail system is working again, and I only have 88
digests to catch up on!

I loves Antonia Forest as a kid and have a few reprints of some of her
books. It's not her real name - she's a *very* private person, apparently.
She wrote (writes?) superior school stories centred on a family called
Marlowe, who live in a house called Trennels. There are IIRC, five girls and
a boy.(Or two?) and a different member of the family tends to be the focus
in each book. There are also a pair - one is called "Player's Boy" but I
forget the other - set in Shakespeare's world of sixteenth century theatre.
Slightly odd, as they were written over around fifty years, but each is set
at the time of writing, but they work remarkably well. One of the twins is
acting-mad, which is probably why I was first attracted to them. I read them
even before I envcountered DWJ.

Remember me, anyone?


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