Black Maria

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Jun 14 01:31:21 EDT 2002

>From: Rowena Macrae-Gibson

all right. it's time for me to chime in and defend aunt ( maria 
from all of you. heh heh. it's a good book! it has the sort of tone i like 
from DWJ, and the weird oppressive atmosphere is really interesting. i like 
the main character's voice, and i like how suddenly aunt maria is grooming 
her to be the replacement for naomi. it's cleverly worked-out and intricate. 
although i don't think it's one of her best by any means.

>Wasn't this the book that DWJ wrote years ago, based on one of her awful
>inlaws, but then didn't publish for ages? Or is my brain making that up?

i don't know what you're specifically referring to, but that sounds more 
like eight days of luke to me. or at least that one has a horrible family in 
it. black maria just sort of has aunt maria... everyone else isn't family 


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