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> >
> > Mark is generally supportive of my reading habit, but not so
> > supportive
> > (ahem!) of my habit of actually buying and keeping books that
> > I read (as
> > opposed to using the library more or trading them in). He
> > just doesn't
> > understand the need to hang on to them so that on that day I
> > wake up at 3am
> > and just HAVE to read "The Tombs of Atuan" or "To Kill a
> > Mockingbird" I'll
> > have them handy :-)
>Does he buy videos or DVDs?  It's sometimes useful to relate it to
>something they *do* understand.  Why buy the DVD when you can rent it
>any time you want to?  This is particularly effective if you can rent
>videos and DVDs from your library like we can.
>Jacob Proffitt

Unfortunately, no. He's very much in the "Why do we need all these 
possessions?" mode these days!


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