Black Maria

Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at
Thu Jun 13 08:24:38 EDT 2002

Yes it's funny, how Black Maria contains a lot of elements that usually 
make her work fantastic, and yet I really don't read it all that often. I 
can remember waiting for the library I worked in at the time to get in in 
stock so I could read it before going off to my aforementioned horrid year 
in Loughborough. I know I enjoyed reading it for the first time (New DWJ, 
Hooray!). I think one of the problems is that Maria is so awful and 
maipulative, that she can be hard to read. This is a compliment to DWJ 
really, as Maria is meant to be awful.
Wasn't this the book that DWJ wrote years ago, based on one of her awful 
inlaws, but then didn't publish for ages? Or is my brain making that up?
However, the book I have read the least is Homeward Bounders, which most 
people seem to love. Every time I think I'll re-read one of these 2, I get 
distracted by all the other DWJ books, and re-read one of those instead.

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 17:49:47 -0600 rohina at wrote:

> > > Like most of us (I think?) I've never liked this
> > > book [Wilkin's Tooth] as much. 
> > Hmm. I don't like it as much as most of the others,
> > but the one I _really_ don't like is Black Maria. I
> > can't work out why. It's domestic fantasy, and I loved
> > Ogre Downstairs and Archer's Goon. It has thematic
> > similarities to Fire and Hemlock, which is also one of
> > my favourite books ever.
> > Puzzlement.
> I don't like it much either. In fact, I think I've only read it once or
> twice (as opposed to dozens of times for the other books). I think I
> found the plot at once confusing and unbelievable, and the Aunt Maria
> character was just too overdone. Hmmm. Maybe I should reread it and form
> my opinion more thoroughly.
> Robyn
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