Oddest place you've found DWJ

Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Jun 13 04:47:13 EDT 2002

Well I spent 1991-2 doing my MA in Loughborough, and I was miserable, 
although some of that was to do with the University, the course & the very 
damp & cold hall I was in, and being miles away from my partner. However I 
do love real ale, and Loughborough's pubs at the time were really good. The 
best (although not the one where I found the ex-libris Spellcoats) was the 
Swan in the Rushes, which was a real pubby pub, if you get what I mean. 
Probably one of the best pubs in the world. No doubt the shopping has
improved since then. I know the course has, but I don't really remember any 
second hand bookshops.
Trying desperately to get in a DWJ reference, my puffin paperbacks were the 
few books that I made sure to take with me.
Ooh no, I can get in a DWJ ref. The last time I was browsing through the 
children's section of our local bookshop, I saw that YotG has been 
reprinted in a smaller size than my copy, ie a 'normal' size. My copy is 
slightly too large for the average paperback shelf. Although it's the 
second one I had to buy as some b*****d stole my first copy.

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002 14:51:06 +0100 Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk wrote:

> > I spent the most miserable year of my life in Loughborough, a place only
> > redeemed by its pubs.
> Oh, come on!  Loughborough can't possibly be redeemed by its pubs!  I will admit
> I have never been into a pub in Loughborough, although I've been shopping there
> many times in the last 12 years.  I suppose I'm just not a pub sort of person.
> It is _redeemed_ by its bell foundry - a wonderful place...
> > But oh the joy to find a copy of Spellcoats amongst
> > the books decorating one of the pubs! It wasn't available in paperback at
> > the time, and I had only ever been able to read the library copy as child.
> > My boyf couldn't understand why my face lit up with excitement at finding
> > it again after several years.
> >
> > I've spent many hours browsing in second hand bookshops, but I've never
> > found a DWJ.
> Well, I have news for you.  There's a copy of the Mandarin edition of Fire and
> Hemlock in Hornsby's bookshop in (you guessed it) Loughborough.  I actually gave
> it to Malcolm Hornsby in an attempt to convert him to DWJ fandom...
> (and before you ask, the copy with which I replaced it was also bought
> secondhand)
> Seriously, I do see DWJ in secondhand bookshops from time to time.  And in
> charity shops.  You just have to dig...  My copy (Puffin) of Wilkins' Tooth came
> from an Oxfam bookshop that is alas no more.  My hardback of Homeward Bounders
> was probably the most recent such find, in the Book Barn in Wells.
> Philip.

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