Re Second hand Dwj

Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Jun 12 21:22:23 EDT 2002

Caleb wrote

<the first time i read eight days of luke was in 
1999 or so, and i took it 
out of the local library. it was the greenwillow 
library binding edition 
from ~1989, and i was the second person to EVER 
take it out, the first 
having taken it out in 1989. don't libraries 
usually dump unpopular books? i 
had a powerful desire to keep it but of course i 
returned it...>

Perhaps the first reader held onto it for all
that time until the nes editions came out?

I've never found Dwj books anywhere exciting but
I did find Bujold's Mirror Dance in a second hand
bookshop in Majorca. I left it there but the
following year, in Majorca again the same copy
turned up in the hotel shop so I bought it for a


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