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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Jun 12 21:08:16 EDT 2002

Hey you guys you're posting so much that I can't
keep up with replies! I am really enjoying
reading it all so I'm not complaining. I'm really
busy with gardening right now. The cold weather
in May made my bedding plants (the ones I've
grown myself) go into stasis and be too small to
put into the garden, then, in the last week,
they've all grown to ready for planting size  and
will soon be potbound and enervated, so I'm
having to fit about three weeks work into one.
Did I mention that the garden is my favourite
place for reading?

Anyhow, recent reads, I had to reply to this
thread because I've just read Diplomatic
Immunity. The bookshop had it for three weeks
under the wrong name grrrrr. I'm still processing
what I think but I can say that, while a rattling
good yarn, there was considerably less emotional
intensity than in the previous four.

Diplomatic Immunity Lois Macmasters Bujold

The five books of the Liavek series edited by
Will Shetterly and Emma Bull. A shared world
thingie, rather well done, most stories by the
Minneapolis Scribblies and their known
A re re re probably some more res read.

A book on the history of Siena

A disappointing boook of short stories by Michael
Marshall Smith, all horror and like a box of
chocolates with all nougat fillings (unfinished).

The Biographer's Tale  AS Byatt also unfinished.
Following some enthusiasm from Melissa I read The
Vigin in the Garden last month but I just keep
sliding off this one (the horrible cover picture
isn't helping)

The Martians Kim Stanley Robinson 



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