Black Maria (was: Re: 2nd hand DWJ)

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Wed Jun 12 21:00:31 EDT 2002

 --- rohina at wrote: [about Black Maria]
> I don't like it much either. In fact, I think I've
> only read it once or
> twice (as opposed to dozens of times for the other
> books). I think I
> found the plot at once confusing and unbelievable,
> and the Aunt Maria
> character was just too overdone. Hmmm. Maybe I
> should reread it and form
> my opinion more thoroughly.
It's odd, because lots of her other plots could be
accused of being confusing (Fire and Hemlock, go stand
in the corner) and unbelievable, but they work and
Black Maria doesn't. I remembered not liking it when I
was little, then a couple of years ago when I started
reading DWJ again, I thought I'd have another go and
still didn't.

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