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Wed Jun 12 19:49:47 EDT 2002

> > Like most of us (I think?) I've never liked this
> > book [Wilkin's Tooth] as much. 
> Hmm. I don't like it as much as most of the others,
> but the one I _really_ don't like is Black Maria. I
> can't work out why. It's domestic fantasy, and I loved
> Ogre Downstairs and Archer's Goon. It has thematic
> similarities to Fire and Hemlock, which is also one of
> my favourite books ever.
> Puzzlement.

I don't like it much either. In fact, I think I've only read it once or
twice (as opposed to dozens of times for the other books). I think I
found the plot at once confusing and unbelievable, and the Aunt Maria
character was just too overdone. Hmmm. Maybe I should reread it and form
my opinion more thoroughly.


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