Ian W. Riddell iwr77 at
Wed Jun 12 13:29:51 EDT 2002

If I lived alone, I'd probably read even more than I do now.
>What do others who have live-in less-reading partners do?

Mark likes television shows that I really don't like so that's when I do 
most of my reading. We are remarkably lucky that we have movie and tv tastes 
that overlap enough that we enjoy going to films together most of the time, 
but we're still comfortable heading off to a film on our own if the other 
doesn't like the prospect.

Mark is generally supportive of my reading habit, but not so supportive 
(ahem!) of my habit of actually buying and keeping books that I read (as 
opposed to using the library more or trading them in). He just doesn't 
understand the need to hang on to them so that on that day I wake up at 3am 
and just HAVE to read "The Tombs of Atuan" or "To Kill a Mockingbird" I'll 
have them handy :-)


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