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Oops, I meant to send my post just to Widdy. Outhouse seems to have decided
that messages from me are junkmail (possibly wisely) so I didn't see it had
gone to the whole list before, sorry about that.
Which term? Unitarian, Unitarian Universalist, or the bit in brackets? U and
UU are liberal religions, (Unitarians in America merged with Universalists,
but they are still very similar) the brackety bit was just me trying to
clarify my position- Unitarianism is a religion without a creed, which
encourages people to work out for themselves what they believe, so there are
people who feel most inspired by Christianity, Paganism, Buddhism etc etc
within it. Like a lot of the younger Unitarians in the UK, I'm quite
(Unitarianism grew out of Christianity originally- we descend from 17th
century Dissenters, [who didn't believe in the Trinity, hence the name] who
would probably be surprised at a modern service!) or if you're confused by my

> > > Name: Ian Widdifield Riddell
> > >
> > > Occupation: Unitarian Universalist Church Music Director;
> >
> > <Waves> I'm a Unitarian (humanist/Miracles of Science 
> type). I envy UUs in
> > some ways, there seems to be more diversity between 
> congregations and more
> > interesting RE materials being produced than over here.
> > Jennifer
> > --
> Please can you explain what the term means? It's new to me.
> Thanks
> Alex
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