Sally Odgers sodgers at
Wed Jun 12 09:42:31 EDT 2002

 I would always much
> > rather read than watch a film, if you get right down to it.

On the other hand, watching a film (at home - not in the cinema) is much
more sociable than reading. My husband reads a lot less than I do, so if I
were to sit every evening with my nose in the preverbial book, he would have
a legitimate gripe. Reading - and writing - are two of the most antisocial
hobbies on Earth. He doesn't complain but I often think about how I'd feel
if he spent hours on end refusing to speak to *me*!

Fortunately, he likes music, and prefers not to be spoken to when he's
dissecting a particular tasty bit of the 1812, so I read while he does that.

Watching films means we can do something together that still feeds me with
fiction, but doesn't shut him out. I only wish we could find some more good
films! (We're a picky pair - we both prefer fantasy or sf or thrillers, but
insist on Good Scripts and FX that are necessary to the plot (like nudity)
and not gratuitous.)

If I lived alone, I'd probably read even more than I do now.

What do others who have live-in less-reading partners do?


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