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Wed Jun 12 04:16:48 EDT 2002

I've been lurking on the list for years and years but have never written
anything. Since I read everything and love it, I thought I might as well
let you know I'm here. :)

Name: Maaria Salo

Age: 28

Residence: Helsinki, Finland (well, actually Espoo, the neighbouring city)

Occupation: engineering student majoring in mathematics, also research
assistant at the moment (working on my Master's Thesis) and have been
teaching for a couple of years on the basic university courses of math

Married: engaged to be next year :)

Children: none yet

How I discovered the list: in its very early days from

Favourite DWJ: the ones that come to my mind now are Charmed life, Deep
Secret, Sudden Wild Magic, Howl's Moving Castle, Fire and Hemlock, The
Time of the Ghost, Hexwood... I'll stop here, because I like them all and
love most of them.

First DWJ: Charmed life around 1983, then after a couple of years Fire and
Hemlock and Archer's Goon (all in Finnish (they used to be the only ones
translated, now also the Dark Lord of Derkholm is, thanks to Tarja
somehow, I think)). Then when I started to read books also in English I
found some more in the library. Of course nowadays I prefer the books in
English, but it would be so nice to try to get all the children I know to
read them!

Favourite authors: Again, these come to my mind right now: Ursula K. Le
Guin, Connie Willis (thanks to the list), Tolkien, Anne Tyler, Jane
Austen, L. M. Montgomery, Neil Gaiman (but not the Sandmans), Peter
Hoeg, Tove Jansson (especially her short stories but also the Moomins),
Mika Waltari (and many other Finnish ones you wouldn't know).

Reading right now: The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery and The Estate by
Isaac Bashevis Singer. I usually read only one book at a time, but the
latter one is getting a bit tedious since I started it right after The
Manor (which is actually the first part of the same book).

Number of books owned:  only about 600 I think (but still they are all
over the place as we moved two weeks ago). I love libraries!

Music: mostly classical, some vocal groups e.g. King's Singers, Manhattan
Transfer, Real Group, Rajaton (Finnish), also Abba, Beatles, Sting and
quite a few Finnish ones.

Hobbies: mostly singing (in choir, vocal sextet and solo), occasionally
playing piano, "gardening" on the balcony and the house plants and
dreaming of a real garden, cooking and baking.

now back to lurking,

maaria salo at hut fi   Helsinki University of Technology
tel. +358 9 451 5721	Institute of Mathematics, room U319

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