(OT) Re: Antonia Forest

rohina at shaw.ca rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 11 18:17:43 EDT 2002

> I can't answer for Robyn (though I do remember her leaving the list);
> however, to provide both sides of the coin, so to speak...  I 
> joined GO
> almost two years ago (thanks to Sallyo telling me about it here!), 
> and have
> thoroughly enjoyed it (and continue to).  Like this list, it's a 
> pretty much
> flame-free zone - 

I don't want to get into a big discussion about this here, but I will
say that although there are people on the list who make a big deal about
it being friendly and flame-free, they have absolutely no qualms about
sending personal abuse in off-list emails (not just to me). This veneer
of niceness was one of the things that caused me to leave the list. I
have never experienced anything like that on DWJ (even if I disagreed
with people).


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