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> I just asked the following question (see paragraph in quotes below) on
> Girlsown and got only one response, saying the expression wasn't in the OED.
> Apparently, judging from what one can find on Google, "dancing the Maypole"
> is common among pagan groups, but not so among other dancing folk (I hate to
> call you mundane or anything, but you know what I mean!). Anyone else hear it
> outside the pagan context? Is there any specific reason why pagans use this
> expression?
> --------------------
> "Is there a common phrase "dancing the Maypole," as opposed to "dancing
> around the Maypole"? I've always heard "dancing around the Maypole" but a
> friend asks if there is reason to use the other. I thought since there are
> some folks here who know a fair amount about morris and folkdancing I would
> ask."
> Helen Schinske
> --

Morris Dancing scares me.  I don't know why.


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