2nd hand DWJ (was: Re: Oddest place you've found DWJ)

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at oberlin.edu
Tue Jun 11 09:34:05 EDT 2002

--On Tuesday, June 11, 2002 1:16 PM +1000 Emma Comerford 
<s369161 at student.uq.edu.au> wrote:

> Rowena:
>>> I've spent many hours browsing in second hand
>>> bookshops, but I've never
>>> found a DWJ.
> Chris:
>> Once - ONCE - I have. On holiday up north I was in
>> this little hole of a 2nd-hand bookshop in a
>> supermarket-carpark concrete jungle, and on the one
>> shelf of kids books was Fire and Hemlock. Didn't buy
>> it because had just bought the HarperCollins new. On
>> holiday the next year - it was still there! Thought
>> many rude things about the poor taste of people who
>> live in Whangarei.
> and
>> Is it a general trend, that 2nd hand bookshops aren't
>> much on children's books? I've found several that are
>> great for adult sf but none with much children's
>> stuff. (I'm not counting the old cloth-bound books at
>> collector's prices - I'd pay collectors prices for
>> Chalet School, if I could find any, but not flippin'
>> Angela Brazil)
> I've been remarkably lucky with DWJ over the years, although I think only
> twice have I bought her books from proper second-hand bookstores. <snip>
I've also been very lucky finding her books.  I found Fire and Hemlock 
(back when it was *way* out of print) and Magicians of Caprona (when it was 
out of print in the US) one day when I wandered in to a used bookstore 
(Alternate Realities, on State Street, for Widdy, who's moving to Madison) 
and promptly bought both for under a three dollars, total, including tax. 
::smug grin::  Madison has another bookstore, which I frequent more often 
(Frugal Muse) where I bought Ogre Downstairs, Howl's Moving Castle and a 
number of other goodies, such as the MagicQuest edition of Perilious Gard 
for about 75 cents apiece.  More smug grins.  I'm going through withdrawal, 
now, living in a small college town in Ohio, with no real used bookstores.

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