Oddest place you've found DWJ

Caleb Woodbridge scwoody423 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 08:44:58 EDT 2002

 --- Rowena Macrae-Gibson
<rowena.macrae-gibson at brunel.ac.uk> wrote: > Just
following on from my rant on the Cart & Cwidder
> cuts, really.
> What's the oddest place anyone has found a copy of a
> DWJ book?
> I've spent many hours browsing in second hand
> bookshops, but I've never 
> found a DWJ.

I found quite a few in Hay-on-Wye last week. There
were several in the children's courtyard of Booth
Books, including Witch Week, Charmed Life and Archer's
Goon. There were also some in The No2 Children's
Bookshop there, for extortionate prices. The Magicians
of Caprona was £6 for the "current" paperback, second
hand, when you could get it new in WHSmiths for £4.99!
I got my copy of Cart and Cwidder from my nearest Red
Cross Shop, too. I haven't found any DWJ books
anywhere I could really call *odd* though.

Caleb W.

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