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Tue Jun 11 02:42:11 EDT 2002

Name: Kylie Ding

Occupation: Computer Programmer

Age: 31

Married: recently divorced and still bitter and twisted about the whole

Children: 0, which is a big part of the bitter-and-twistedness.  I wanted
them, he didn't.  The marriage broke down because of this and six months
later he'd got his girlfriend pregnant.
I live in: Perth, Western Australia.  I'll soon be setting of for another
work-related world trip which will take in the UK and USA.

How I discovered the list:  I think it was on the Chrestomanci Castle site,
which I'd check semi-regularly.  I know I'd already joined when Melissa
mentioned it to me and I think that came out of a discussion on the Alexlit

Favorite DWJ: Charmed Life, Fire and Hemlock, Deep Secret

First DWJ novel: Dogsbody, from the school library in the early '80s/

Favorite authors: John Varley, Robert Heinlein, Garth Nix, Guy Gavriel Kay,
Julain May, Larry Niven, Steven Brust, Noel Streatfeild, Robin Hobb, Julian
May, Sheri S Tepper, Orson Scott Card, Terry Pratchett.  I even like J K
Rowling :)

Reading right now: Black Forest Summer by Mabel Esther Allan

Number of books owned: About 950.  Thinking of getting some built-in
bookshelves now I have my own place.

Hobbies: Keeping ferrets, SF fandom, dancing, rowing.

Music: Weddings Parties Anything.  80s pop.

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