Cart & Cwidder cuts

christian nutt ferricide at
Tue Jun 11 02:42:52 EDT 2002

>From: Rowena Macrae-Gibson
>I've never seen any of the US editions. Was this one issued as part of a
>Dalemark set, or was it published as a standalone?

all four were published around 1996 in the US in a matching set of 
mass-market paperbacks. there's a new set from greenwillow with new covers. 
i don't know anything about those. maybe i should go to the bookstore and 
check the current US C&C out.

>I don't think I've got access to a scanner, and I really don't feel like
>typing the whole lot up, but I can certainly photocopy pages for someone
>else to scan. I'm not sure about the copyright, though.
>I'll try and bring my copies into work tomorrow (I don't have email at
>home). I'm pretty sure that the cut is just one passage, about 2 pages of
>my old Puffin copy, but if I'll compare the 2 versions I've got to see if
>there's anything else. I don't think it's as bad as the reedited Ogre,

if you photocopy them and mail them to me, i can scan them for everyone to 
see. the copyright wouldn't really be a big deal, since we're just showing 
it off to list members -- we're not publishing it for profit. of course, 
it's still technically a copyright violation, i just don't think anyone 
would find out, and if they did, care much.


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