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Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at kline.com
Tue Jun 11 02:26:22 EDT 2002

I just counted up and out of my 80 DWJ books 33 were secondhand and 18 were
ex-library.  I don't seem to have a problem finding secondhand DWJ!  They
turn up in the secondhand shops around Perth fairly regularly.  I could tell
you exactly in which shelf of which shope there is a Puffin copy of Power of
Three sitting now.  I notice these things :)

Perth has a few shops with reasonable collections of childrens books.
Library booksales are good too.  But the majority of shops seem to just have
collections of teen romances and horror and some modern reprintings of

> >Is it a general trend, that 2nd hand bookshops aren't
> >much on children's books? I've found several that are
> >great for adult sf but none with much children's
> >stuff. (I'm not counting the old cloth-bound books at
> >collector's prices - I'd pay collectors prices for
> >Chalet School, if I could find any, but not flippin'
> >Angela Brazil)

I think this is true, and it's my sad suspicion that this is a reflection on
what kids are reading these days.  I guess the opposite could be true and
kids are reading good books and keeping them!  But someone has to buy the
books new at some point before the will turn up secondhand...

I found one really good bookshop for children's books in Brisbane.
Marriotts in Strathpine.  A bit of a hike, but worth it.

> holiday.  Many others have come from ex-library sales run 
> periodically by
> Brisbane City Council (and as the money raised is for a charity, I can
> justify spending lots of money!). And I've found three other 

Ohhhh, I miss them!  Three kids books for a dollar!  I would come out with
bags and bags of books.  In fact I have copies of Witch Week and Castle in
the Air that are duplicates of what I already own still sitting on my
shelves because I couldn't walk past them at that price.  (If anyone wants
them let me know - they not in the best condition but still readable.)  And
the fabulous books I have found there!  A new copy of Louis Sachar's Holes
that must have been put in by mistake.  The full illustrated version of Eric
by Terry Pratchett.  Runaway Home by Antonia Forest, which I sent to the
lady in the UK who sent me half of the Drina books.  And some DWJ hardbacks
as well!

> donate them. I had a wonderful time with children's books at 
> the Lifeline
> book sale on the weekend (once again a charity event where I 
> could happily
> spend too much).

*whimper*  You are really making me miss living in Brisbane!  The Lifeline
sale there is so much bigger than the Perth one.

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