2nd hand DWJ (was: Re: Oddest place you've found DWJ)

Emma Comerford s369161 at student.uq.edu.au
Mon Jun 10 23:16:06 EDT 2002


>> I've spent many hours browsing in second hand
>> bookshops, but I've never 
>> found a DWJ.

>Once - ONCE - I have. On holiday up north I was in
>this little hole of a 2nd-hand bookshop in a
>supermarket-carpark concrete jungle, and on the one
>shelf of kids books was Fire and Hemlock. Didn't buy
>it because had just bought the HarperCollins new. On
>holiday the next year - it was still there! Thought
>many rude things about the poor taste of people who
>live in Whangarei.
>Is it a general trend, that 2nd hand bookshops aren't
>much on children's books? I've found several that are
>great for adult sf but none with much children's
>stuff. (I'm not counting the old cloth-bound books at
>collector's prices - I'd pay collectors prices for
>Chalet School, if I could find any, but not flippin'
>Angela Brazil)

I've been remarkably lucky with DWJ over the years, although I think only
twice have I bought her books from proper second-hand bookstores. I found
Eight Days of Luke and Wilkin's Tooth, years ago (in a bookshop that sounds
remarkably like the one Chris described) and Cart and Cwidder whilst I was
absently sorting through a pile (literally - this bookstore hasn't heard of
displaying stock in an appetising manner) of children's books while on
holiday.  Many others have come from ex-library sales run periodically by
Brisbane City Council (and as the money raised is for a charity, I can
justify spending lots of money!). And I've found three other books while
checking those trays of specials in bookshops and newsagents.  And all of
these were before the new reprints, which are wonderful but have taken a
lot of excitement out of book-hunting!
I find children's books are often easier to find than adults books second
hand, perhaps because many people "grow-out" of their books and sell or
donate them. I had a wonderful time with children's books at the Lifeline
book sale on the weekend (once again a charity event where I could happily
spend too much).

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