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jstallcup at juno.com jstallcup at juno.com
Mon Jun 10 22:52:33 EDT 2002

> Is it a general trend, that 2nd hand bookshops aren't
> much on children's books? I've found several that are
> great for adult sf but none with much children's
> stuff. (I'm not counting the old cloth-bound books at
> collector's prices - I'd pay collectors prices for
> Chalet School, if I could find any, but not flippin'
> Angela Brazil)
> Chris

Oh, I have to tell you about the Prince and the Pauper.  It's in San
Diego, which is unfortunate for anyone not living here in So.Cal, but
they specialize in used children's books.  There must be other shops like
this around, don't you think?  Anyway, they have a web site:
http://www.oldkidsbooks.com/ and perhaps you could tell them what you are
looking for and they can check their inventory.  But they aren't cheap!

Jackie S.
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