Books to movies (was: The horror! The Horror!)

rohina at rohina at
Mon Jun 10 21:36:34 EDT 2002

> I studied The Go-Between for GCSE lit, and I have to agree that it 
> is a
> really, really, bad book.  IMO the film's not much better and 
> doesn't redeem
> it much, although I preferred it at the time because I could 
> daydream while
> we were meant to be watching it ;o)
> I now have a grudge against the book, and will hold L.P. Hartley fully
> responsible if I've failed english lit.  Ugh.

See now, I have to challenge the really bad book statement because of
the context. I have no doubt that studying a book for an exam at school
is a great way to ruin even the best book. But the fact that studying it
for lit made you hate it is a separate issue to whether the book has any
merits outside that context. I totally hate DH Lawrence partly because I
had a bad English teacher in year 12, but I wouldn't argue that he is a
crap author on that basis alone.


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