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Jacob Proffitt Jacob at Proffitt.com
Mon Jun 10 18:41:18 EDT 2002

---Original Message From: Chris R
> > How about the poor taste of a 2nd-hand bookshop that
> > buries itself in a
> > little hole in a supermarket-carpark concrete
> > jungle?  I'm thinking the
> > reason Fire and Hemlock is still there is that
> > nobody knows about that
> > shop.  In bookstores, location is everything.
> >
> > Jacob Proffitt
> Well, there were quite a few people there the times
> I've been there. Looking at the crime, horror and
> adventure, they were. *weeps at sad state of world*
> There're a lot of shops in that jungle - it's sort of
> the unholy offspring of a carpark and a pedestrian
> mall. (The book isn't there any more - I don't
> actually _need_ two copies but I figure I can palm it
> off on one of my friends sometime.)

Ah.  Poor taste of the folks, then, sure enough.

Jacob Proffitt

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