Antonia Forest (was: Re: 2nd hand DWJ )

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at
Mon Jun 10 18:35:31 EDT 2002

 --- Katherine Ferguson <k.ferguson at>

> She is indeed still alive (and yes, pretty old <g>).
> Not really actively
> working on the next book from what I can gather -
> think "real life" and
> hobbies intervene. No recent updates but the site is
> at 
> -- 
> Katherine Ferguson
Thanks for the link. Even if it wasn't good news. I do
so wanna know what _happens_ *sniffle*, and fanfiction
won't help coz 1) there isn't any; and 2) even if
there were, it wouldn't be any good. The quality of
book fic seems to decrease in proportion to the
quality of the original book(s). Movie and TV fic
seems to do the opposite, though. I suppose it's that
there's no prose style to (fail to) imitate. 

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