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Chris R sfa_ok2001 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 10 18:28:07 EDT 2002

 --- Jacob Proffitt <Jacob at Proffitt.com> wrote: > ---

> How about the poor taste of a 2nd-hand bookshop that
> buries itself in a
> little hole in a supermarket-carpark concrete
> jungle?  I'm thinking the
> reason Fire and Hemlock is still there is that
> nobody knows about that
> shop.  In bookstores, location is everything.
> Jacob Proffitt
Well, there were quite a few people there the times
I've been there. Looking at the crime, horror and
adventure, they were. *weeps at sad state of world*
There're a lot of shops in that jungle - it's sort of
the unholy offspring of a carpark and a pedestrian
mall. (The book isn't there any more - I don't
actually _need_ two copies but I figure I can palm it
off on one of my friends sometime.)
Is it a general trend, that 2nd hand bookshops aren't
much on children's books? I've found several that are
great for adult sf but none with much children's
stuff. (I'm not counting the old cloth-bound books at
collector's prices - I'd pay collectors prices for
Chalet School, if I could find any, but not flippin'
Angela Brazil)

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