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Mon Jun 10 18:19:59 EDT 2002

---Original Message From: Dorian E. Gray
> Since several people have mentioned reading blogs as a
> "hobby", I feel the urge to come out!  I have a blog. :-)
> For those who may wish to peruse it, it's at
> (I think!).  Be > warned - I tend
> only to update it every week or so!

Congratulations!  That's a big step, even at every week.

> Do any other listmembers have blogs?  (I like reading 'em, too.)

I do!  I do!  Don't go there unless you can forgive my politics, though.
I'm afraid that I'm a little outspoken.  On the other hand, I don't mind
at all talking with people who disagree with me, just make sure it's off
list and we should be fine.  Or you can ignore the politics and look at
the other stuff I have up there (including a new Book Review section).

Jacob Proffitt

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