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> Elizabeth said...
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> > The orchestra rehearsal in Archer's Goon. Practically anything
> in Archer's
> > Goon, actually.
> Oh yes!  I forgot that one.  I used to be *in* an orchestra like that!
> Except we had less variety of instruments, so it was the lone french horn
> beating the (four) cellos into second place, while the
> (twenty-odd) violins
> were all over the place and the single trumpet never played a note.  We
> didn't have any woodwind or percussion.  I, for those who may
> care, was one
> of the cellos.  I think my brother was the trumpet.  And our conductor
> really did bleat.  We read that scene in "Archer's Goon" and wondered when
> DWJ had had a chance to hear the North Dublin Youth Orchestra! :-)

No woodwind?  Consider yourselves lucky.  My school orchestra has about ten
flutes, 5 clarinets, a trumpet and 2 violins.  It's conducted by a woman who
is such a typical girls' school old spinster it's unbelievable.  It would be
doing way better than usual if it could get to be half as good as the one in
Archer's Goon...

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