2nd hand DWJ (was: Re: Oddest place you've found DWJ)

Chris R sfa_ok2001 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 10 17:34:44 EDT 2002

 --- Rowena Macrae-Gibson <rowena.macrae-

> I've spent many hours browsing in second hand
> bookshops, but I've never 
> found a DWJ.
Once - ONCE - I have. On holiday up north I was in
this little hole of a 2nd-hand bookshop in a
supermarket-carpark concrete jungle, and on the one
shelf of kids books was Fire and Hemlock. Didn't buy
it because had just bought the HarperCollins new. On
holiday the next year - it was still there! Thought
many rude things about the poor taste of people who
live in Whangarei.
OT: does anyone know anything about Antonia Forest? I
heard a rumour she was still alive (must be getting
pretty old, considering Autumn Term was published
1947) and working on another Marlows book. 20 years -
and counting - writing a book has to be some kind of
record... Jean Auel move over.

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