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Mon Jun 10 08:19:54 EDT 2002

Name: Ian Widdifield Riddell

Occupation: Unitarian Universalist Church Music Director; Instructional 
Materials Designer for Penn State's World Campus--I work with faculty to 
create distance learning courses. I do the IMD job full-time, but I'm really 
trained as a music teacher and choral conductor which is why I listed the MD 
job first. Both will be up in the air in the next 3 weeks, though, as we're 
leaving where we live now (see below) to move to Madison Wisconsin.

Age: 33 and happy to be here

Married: yes - to a wonderful man, Mark, who recently received his PhD in 
Geography/Cartography from Penn State and was just hired at the University 
of Madison-Wisconsin.

Children: nope

I live in: Currently Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, but in 3 weeks we'll be 
moving to Madison, Wisconsin. Despite the fact that I am Canadian and grew 
up in Eastern Ontario and lived on the West Coast of Canada for 7 years, I 
was actually born here in Bellefonte, PA, because my father was doing his 
PhD here at Penn State when I decided to enter the world. The connections 
deepen when you realize that my partner is completing his PhD in the same 
department that my father did almost 33 years ago!

How I discovered the list:  I was searching for DWJ material on the Web 
having just completed reading "Fire and Hemlock".

Favorite DWJ:  Oh dear . . . . currently Witch Week but I maintain the right 
to change that at any moment.

First DWJ novel: Dogsbody. Not when i was a kid - when I was in University 8 
or 9 years ago and looking for books to teach to the kids I was a student 
teacher for.

Favorite authors: Ursula K. LeGuin, Timothy Findley, David Almond, Stephen 
King, George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Paul Levitz, Harper Lee, and many 

Reading right now: "A Storm of Swords" by George R. R. Marting (part 3 of "A 
Song of Ice and Fire"). This is my first big epic fantasy series and I am 
thoroughly hooked. While this is a violent world, I am fascinated by 
Martin's ability to create characters that I care about and to create 
characters whose motives and actions are not always "good" but with whom the 
reader can identify (Tyrion and Dany most notably). The fourth book is way 
too far away!

Number of books owned: Too many (since I'm packing them right now).

Hobbies outside of reading and writing:  Singing, movies, cooking.

Have a great day!


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