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Well I'll need to dig out my copies and compare for a full answer, but off 
the top of my head, yes the reissues of C&C are edited. 
********There are some spoilers below for all the Dalemark books.
My original puffin copy is
I love this book, and so it is rather worse for wear (although unlike my 
copy of PoT it is still in one piece) so I was really pleased to see all 
the Dalemark books reprinted when Crown was first published, so the copy 
I'm comparing the Puffin with is
(having snuck a quick peek in a bookshop at The cuts seem 
the same)

The main cut is a passage fairly early on that describes Dalemark history 
and how the north south divide occurred. It talks about the uprising that 
Clennan & Keril were involved in and the demise of the monarchy after the 
Adon's reign. So it mentions the Kingstone (rather than cup, ring and 
sword) and shows Keril in a rather more positive light than the end of 

Now the first 3 Dalemark books were never published as a 'trilogy' it was 
just fun that there were a few things linking them. But with the 
publication of Crown, the books were more linked together, hence the cuts:

-Playing down the Kingstone as the quest in Crown doesn't include finding 
it ("it's not a ring-you stole that from Tolkien")
-Playing down historical events so that the north south divide is due to 
Kankredin (well why not just have Kankredin's evil ways behind the 
historical events?)
-Playing down the difference between north & south (and the danger faced 
when travelling between the 2) as Crown unites the country, and we see 
Mitt's disillusionment with the supposed 'free' north.
-Edits some of Clennan's role, so we're not as impressed when Moril says to 
Hestefan 'my Father did that sort of thing all the time!'
-Editing out Keril's reasons for not wanting another rebellion, and editing 
out some of the positive descriptions of him.

This all seems rather negative, but it's something that's puzzled me for a 
while. I love these books, and I've never seen why these cuts were 
necessary. Crown doesn't really contradict anything mentioned in C&C, but I 
do feel that the cuts take away from C&C as a standalone novel. I remember 
the first time I read C&C (many many moons ago!) and the shock of Clennan 
being killed. I was similarly hooked on my first reading of Crown, so I'd 
love to know whose idea the cuts were.

If I've got time I'll dig out the missing passage, but from memory it 
contains the declaration that the Northern Earls signed, which Clennan made 
his children learn off by heart, that starts 'what goes on in a man's head'

Has anyone with the original hardback (Philip?) noticed these cuts?


On Fri, 7 Jun 2002 08:38:49 -0700 jackie e stallcup <jstallcup at> 

>  <<>Although I'm still waiting for Cart & Cwidder to be republished in an
> unabridged format. I'll stick with my original   Puffin paperback rather
> than read my edited copy)<><>
> This is news to me!  I remember talking about changes in Ogre, but I
> didn't know that some editions of C&C were abridged--how can you tell?  I
> have a paperback edition published quite recently in the US.  Are there
> certain passages that I can check to see if I have an abridged version??
> Jackie S
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