OT: Victoria Walker info request

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Mon Jun 10 01:43:31 EDT 2002

I have both the Victoria Walker books, and I'm pretty sure she is English. I
have a Dragon (1972) edition of THE WINTER OF ENCHANTMENT, but the original
was pubbed in 1969 by Rupert Hart Davis (who was Gerald Durrell's publisher,
I think.

The notes say "this is VW's first children's book - she is only 21."

A House Called Hadlows was pubbed by Andre Deutch. Mine is a HB, sans dj,
unfortunately. I used to have it - it had a pic of her wearing a fur coat
and cuddling a cat.

I've found another VW, but that one is American, and looks it (round face,
light hair)! "Our" VW had long dark hair and was attractive with a big

I have often wondered whatever happened to her...

Also I'd like to know what happened to Valerie Weldrick, who wrote TIME
SWEEP and THE BLAKENEY GHOST in the early 70s. They were pubbed in Oz, but
both had English characters who came to Oz.

> internet were on the sites of three authors, Neil
> Gaiman, Garth Nix (who also loves DWJ)

Garth edited one of my books and said (in his notes) that it "reminded him
of DWJ". Was I flattered!

and Sally > Odgers (hi!) (actually I don't think Sally's was
> actualy on her site).

No, it's on my Write Australia site at Suite 101.


"Fantasy demands knowledge of the world that is before you can begin
creating the world that might be."

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