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Sun Jun 9 23:52:57 EDT 2002

Congratulations, Nat!

Name: Deborah Kaplan

Occupation: laid off tech professional (systems administrator and
release engineer). theoretically trying to get a job, really
trying to get into English doctoral programs.

Age: 28

Married: not married but permanent.

Children: no, but three cats.

I live in: Arlington, Massachusetts.

How I discovered the list: Created the Chrestomanci Castle
website.  Felt guilty about how rarely I updated and answered
email from folks (Has anything changed?  Didn't think so).  I
wanted all these cool people who were emailing me to be able to
talk to each other.  So I created the list.  Now I can sit around
an watch all these cool people talk to each other.  Yay!

Favorite DWJ novel:  Homeward Bounders or Howl's, depending on my
mood.  Though Dark Lord has been edging in there recently.
Favorite short story is Dragon Reserve, Home Eight.

First DWJ novel: Charmed Life

Favorite authors (besides DWJ):  Aargh, how can I do this?  I
know, I'll do type by example.  Please nobody think this is a
complete list.  Brust, Bull, Zelazny; earlier McKinley, earlier
Duane, Bellairs, Tamora Pierce, Pullman, Nix; Christopher Paul
Curtis, Walter Dean Myers, Karen Hesse;  Maxine Hong Kingston,
Ishmael Reed, Sandra Cisneros; Elizabeth Peters, Dorothy Gilmans;
Georgette Heyer; Jane Austen; Linda Medley, Neil Gaiman, Terry
Moore... oh, why  do I keep trying?  I give up.  By the way, this
makes it look like I read a reasonable number of grownup books.
For the record, I don't.  It's mostly YA.

Number of books owned: 4 floor-to-ceilings, 1
4-footer, 1 3-footer, 1 floor-to-ceiling narrow shelf.  That
includes some of allen's books, graphic novels, child lit
journals, and old cricket magazines but not cookbooks or many of
the computer books.

Favorite musician/group:  Again, like the authors, aargh. Punky
folk, folky punk (Pogues), Rocked out folk, folky rock (Dar
Williams), folky punk rock, rocked out psychodelic punk folk
(Boiled in Lead), folky punk bluegrass (Michelle Shocked), folky
rock bluegrass (Steve Earle).  And the Beatles ;) .  The comon
thread seems to be any folk aside from straight singer songwriter
stuff.  But that's not true: Richard Shindell is pretty straight.
And actually, my mp3 playlist has some completely non-folk
related things on it (Moulin Rouge soundtrack, for example.  Lots
of Bowie and Queen.)

Hmm.  Dunno.

Non-reading hobbies:  Gardening.  Tai chi.  D&D.  Wiching I could
fence again.  Playing with my cats.  Trying to get into grad
school.  Reading fanfic and blogs.  Hanging out in the Diesel
with all the other unemployed layabouts in the People's Republic.
Talking about literature and culture theory with my friends.

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