Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Sun Jun 9 22:57:08 EDT 2002

Name: Elizabeth Evans

Occupation: Librarian at the University of Auckland Library.

Age: 47 (for another 6 weeks!)

Married: yes - for 22 years so far.

Children: 2. Daughter is busy planning her 21st birthday party in 3 weeks
time, son is 17 and refusing to be pushed around at school any longer.
Difficult for him and everybody around him.

I live in: Auckland, New Zealand.

How I discovered the list:    When Sallyo mentioned this list on another
mailing list that we're both on, I joined.

Favorite DWJ novel: Archer's Goon, Howl's Moving Castle, Year of the
Griffin, Homeward Bounders, Lives of Christopher Chant, Magicians of Caprona
... shall I go on?

First DWJ novel: Was there a first? Hasn't there always been DWJ? Oh, all
right then, possibly Charmed Life.

Favorite authors: DWJ, Elsie J. Oxenham, Georgette Heyer, Shakespeare.

Number of books owned:  No, sorry, I'm not that organised. We have 2
bookcases in the living room, 2 more in the computer room, one on the
stairs, the kids have 1 each in their rooms, my dressing-table is piled high
with my 'To Read' books, more on the dining table, and there is another
large stash in a specially-built cupboard under the solar tank. My husband
has become a reader out of sheer self-defence. He is a builder, and has just
built a 4-metre long floor-to-ceiling bookcase for my sister; she wondered
if he would like to do the same for me, but for some strange reason he found
he was VERY busy.

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